Slimoban is a variation  of sokoban with slimes. But besides the boxes that you need to move, there are also monsters you can escape from or destroy with a fireball or by throwing them into the water. There are three types of slimes in the game: the green ones just stand still, they cannot be destroyed with a fireball, but they can be pushed into the water. Blue slimes chase the main character and they can be destroyed with a fireball and thrown into the water just like the green ones. Red slimes chase you and they can only be pushed in the water.

Fireballs can also move blocks. If blocks fall into the water they destroy both the water and themselves. Some slimes do the same, others just get drowned. Fireball magic bottles and keys can sink as well.
The game has 30 levels.

Movings - arrows, WASD, screen buttons
Idle - space, idle button.

Shoot - click/tap.

Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(5 total ratings)
Tags2D, Physics, Pixel Art, Retro, Slime, slime-puzzle, Sokoban, Top-Down, Top Down Adventure

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This was fun, thanks! Made it to level 18. Level 8 and 15 were particularly challenging.

Wow, for such a hard game I expected at leats a "congratulation" screen at the end :(

There was "Thank you" message , as I remember.

Hi, are the doors invisible?

Ohh, It was some old broken build. Fixed. 


Hi, i enjoyed the game. I find a passable wall on level 9. The one near the chest.

Hi, thanks you. Fixed level 9.